Death Of Human Form

What Happens When You Die?

We are born into human form and die out of human form. Between birth and death, we endure the human experience. We grow and develop. Learn and love.

Then someday, we die.

We all die.

It’s a reality of the human experience and one of the few things we know for fact.

The gift of the human form is always temporary.

This we know.

What we do not know is what happens after death.

What we do know is that energy can not be created or destroyed, only transferred from one form to another. Since we are energy, it can be hypothesized that our energy moves onto another form after death.

If we have energy, it can not be destroyed.

There have also been hundreds of documented near-death experiences (NDE’s) where people come back to share stories of their experience.

According to Dr. Atwater’s research on the 4,000 plus NDE’s shes researched:

69% of people report feeling overwhelming love

65% of people have telepathic abilities

62% of people undergo a life review

56% of people experience God

These numbers again point toward the probability of life after death.

Other people report experiencing alternative realms in deep meditation and through the support of plant medicines.

While these experiences can be dismissed by skeptics as creations of overly active and powerful minds, these realms are generally accompanied by a blissful feeling of connectivity that’s hard to deny.

I could keep going with evidence pointing to life after death. The point is, while we may never know for sure what happens after death, it does feel like life does not end when we leave our physical body.

Part of us lives on.

And, if so, it must do so in another realm.

In “heaven” or “hell” or somewhere in-between.

While it’s difficult to create a clear vision of what lies on the other side, there are certain aspects of life after death that are almost universal amongst the major religions.

When so many different belief systems point to shared beliefs, it feels like there’s got to be something to it.

Based on the spiritual texts I’ve read, conversations I’ve had, and research I’ve done:

When we transition out of physical form, we go back through the tunnel of forgetfulness to remember our true selves. We remember all the lives we’ve lived and all the realities we’ve experienced. We remember the lessons we’ve learned and those we still need to perfect.

We then go through a process of reflecting upon the life we just lived. We see all the lives we affected for both better and worse. We see where we succeeded and where we struggled. Upon the completion of this process we positively qualify the energy we perfected in that life.

From here, we gain access to the different levels of Heaven depending on how much positively qualified energy we have accumulated. The more energy we positively qualify, the more access we gain.

Positively quantifying energy begins by removing any negativity, judgment, guilt, blame, or other negative energy that you’ve developed around a thought, person, or experience. When the negative energy is removed, we can begin working to align that energy into a positive state. Positive energy shows up in our grace, kindness, gratitude, love, laugher, and a variety of other pleasant ways. Negative energy appears in anger, resentment, conflict, and other unpleasant ways. When we remove negative energies and align them to a positive state -that is sustained- that energy is positively qualified.

This process of birth and death continues until we qualify the 51% of energy needed to reach ascension. At this point, the positive energy has the gravity to pull in the support of the Ascended Masters and Angels who help us ascend.

The cycle of birth and death is broken. We are now free to either connect back with source or stay embodied in an alternative life form that can support the universe as needed.

While it’s difficult to fully comprehend what lies beyond, we can access pieces of the other side from this reality. Through meditation and plant medicine journeys, we can lift the veil to gain a peek of what lies beyond.

As we continue to take peeks, a picture begins to unfold.

This is the 40-word explanation of my current picture:

When you die, you go back through the tunnel of forgetfulness/remembrance, remember all the life’s you’ve ever experienced, reflect on the past life you lived, qualify your energy, gain access, enjoy access, come back, and repeat, until 51% of your energy is qualified and ascension is obtained.

So where is your picture at? What have you found? What do you believe happens after death?

As more of us peek over the edge to begin seeing the other side, we combine to develop a more complete picture.

Together, we can paint a masterpiece.

I be. I write, teach, parent, and play. A modern mystic and Light Sherpa, enjoying the journey, sharing as I grow.

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