I be. I write, teach, parent, and play. A modern mystic and Light Sherpa, enjoying the journey, sharing as I grow. www.lightsherpa.world

Strategies To Continue Your Ascent.

Image by Okan Caliskan on pixabay.com

You experienced a spiritual awakening and now want to step into the unknown, explore and further understand this new insight you’ve received. You want to make the most of this life you’ve been given. You’re reading and consuming all the conscious content you can, looking for breakthroughs, new perspectives, insights…

What Happens When You Die?

Image from pixabay.com

We are born into human form and die out of human form. Between birth and death, we endure the human experience. We grow and develop. Learn and love.

Then someday, we die.

We all die.

It’s a reality of the human experience and one of the few things we know…

Michael Grimes

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