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I be. I write, teach, parent, and play. A modern mystic and Light Sherpa, enjoying the journey, sharing as I grow.

An Insiders Perspective On Our Education System

I went to college to be a teacher and immediately got my master’s in Educational Administration, writing my thesis on the downfall of the US public school system. I was passionate and inspired, determined to improve our education system.

After a year of subbing, and another year of volunteer work in post-Katrina New Orleans (where I helped start a Charter School), I landed a job teaching 8th grade English at a traditional public school. They controlled what we taught and how we taught it.

A week into the school year the principal asked me to take down the sign that…

Strategies To Continue Your Ascent.

You experienced a spiritual awakening and now want to step into the unknown, explore and further understand this new insight you’ve received. You want to make the most of this life you’ve been given. You’re reading and consuming all the conscious content you can, looking for breakthroughs, new perspectives, insights, hacks, and upgrades. Through the process, you find lots of theory and philosophy. You come across some esoteric concepts and spiritual idealism.

What you may struggle to find is concrete, grounded information, on how to continue the ascent. Where do you go next? Now what? …

We live in a world of duality. For up there’s down. For black there’s white.

In return, we tend to see the world through these terms:

Right and wrong. Good and bad. Alive and dead.
It is or it’s not…

Generally, if the current scientific community accepts something as truth, we believe it to be true. If they don’t, we don’t.

Partner our trust in science with our consumption of mainstream media and we’re fed a stream of truths and non-truths.

But what if we saw it differently.

Instead of it being yes or no, I believe or I don’t…

Politics and romance are all the same.

It’s been a wild year.

As the first phase of Covid morphed into the second, we had the oldest candidate ever, in his third attempt at becoming president, with broken bones in his foot and little policy to stand on, win the presidency… and people took to the streets celebrating.

They were so excited about this man, who gives us little to be excited over because he’s potentially so much better than the other horrible man who’s currently our president.

All the while, we’re locked in our houses while decision-makers throw darts at…

The Modern Day Vision Quest begins by eating a good meal at home, before getting in the car, and driving to nature.

You park near a trailhead, grab your pack (loaded with gear), and head out the trail looking for a place to set up camp.

Part of the Modern Day Vision Quest is the journey into the unknown as to where you will sleep. It requires surrender and faith.

When you find the right spot, it will speak to you. You will know. If it doesn’t speak to you, keep going. You will find it.

When you find it…

A single match can light an entire room of darkness.

Each of us holds the power to be this match, shining light wherever we go.

The question is how -in a polarized world with an abundance of darkness- do we shine our light?

While there is no secret hack to suddenly become a bearer of light, there are concrete steps we can take to increase the amount of light we shine.

We all shine light. It’s alive in all of us.

So how do we increase the amount of light we shine?

Let’s start with the basics. Fire needs oxygen…

What Happens When You Die?

We are born into human form and die out of human form. Between birth and death, we endure the human experience. We grow and develop. Learn and love.

Then someday, we die.

We all die.

It’s a reality of the human experience and one of the few things we know for fact.

The gift of the human form is always temporary.

This we know.

What we do not know is what happens after death.

What we do know is that energy can not be created or destroyed, only transferred from one form to another. …

Yeah, we’ve caused a lot of harm to the planet. We treat each other poorly. Our government is corrupt and our systems are antiquated.

We could go on all day about the problems in the world. We know they exist. We see them and feel them and they are real. And yes, we need to take inspired action to improve the way we live. We are not living as effectively as we could be. We’re treating each other poorly and we’re treating the planet even worse.

There is plenty for us to improve. I dream for us to take inspired…

The old adage says you can’t love another until you learn to love yourself. While we’ve all heard this adage -and generally accept it as truth- we rarely hear much in regard to HOW you love yourself. Loving yourself sounds great, but what does it really mean?

When I reflected upon this concept, I found that I was blessed to be born into a family that provided unconditional love and support. This filled me with love and confidence that I could harness to accomplish things in the physical realm. I created my dream job, married a great woman, and had…

We need to save ourselves.

There’s a growing movement to stop global warming, reduce greenhouse gasses, and reverse pollution. They speak to the increasing destruction of planet Earth and the need to save our planet.

Some fight for the protection of land, reduction of fossil fuels, and increased rates of recycling. Others strive to clean the oceans, restore the ozone layer, and stop global warming.

This, however, is entirely unnecessary.

We do not need to save the planet.

Mother Earth has been here, doing her thing, for millions of years. …

Michael Grimes

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